Sunday 17 July 2016

Camping on Wheels

I think that you will find that the purist camper sees a caravan as suitable only for softies! Personally I thoroughly enjoyed the years when we had our own touring caravan when the children were smaller. It suited our way of life where we could pack up and go at very short notice when all the farming work was up together.

The caravan is now long gone so for The Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt I have had to look elsewhere for No. 6 A camper (caravan). I have found quite a variation in possibilities. 
 There is quite a trend at the moment for some kind of "hut on wheels" to have at the bottom of the garden or to rent out for holidays. This shepherd's hut was on sale at The Bath and West Show. The proprietor was happy for me to photograph it as long as I included the sign!

He was also keen to point out that he is not related to Eddie Grundy on The Archers which any regular listener will fully understand! Those who are Thomas Hardy fans will recall that Gabriel Oak was in a hut such as this when his sheep and dog came to such a tragic end.

A more sophisticated "hut" was available on another stand. The rustic outer appearance of this one does not reflect the very sophisticated interior.

Perhaps you have a horse to take with you in which case this very modern horse trailer / caravan could be for you. I hope you have a very flexible wallet.

This beautifully kept caravan gave a step back in time at The Royal Cornwall Show.

Both shows had quite a variety of vintage caravans. There were quite a few workman's caravans.

This red one above seems to have en suite facilities...

A more elaborate possibility  is the traditional showman's caravan. We saw several beautiful examples of these.

The interior of this second one was particularly luxurious.

So take your choice. Which of these would you like to spend a holiday in? Unless of course you prefer the under canvas option....


  1. What a remarkable selection! This is one I'll have to search out soon!

  2. a great selection - I think I'd go for the posh but rustic looking towable hut - definately not canvas for me!

  3. Certainly much more interesting caravans in your area than anything I have seen locally.

  4. Great collection. There seems to be a 'thing' at the moment about tiny houses - which are really caravans. Ingenious use of space but...

    I do like the one in your last pic.