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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

5 in 5 at the Show

I chose a 5 minute slot whilst at the North Somerset Show yesterday to do my 5 in 5 to join in with Sandy at Itchifingers. It was not quite as easy as I had anticipated as I kept meeting people I knew for a chat! I did however whilst stood amongst the sheep pens manage 4 and a quarter minutes before I met someone else I knew! I have tried to give a flavour of what was happening around me from where I stood.
The sheep pens were buzzing with activity owners preparing for their turn in the ring.

Last minute checks were underway as a Jacob sheep enters the ring.


Activities are observed by a past president.

Meanwhile further afield new machinery looms up into the sky to attract the farmer's pocket.

And the bouncy castle from the funfair area also reaches up to attract the younger generation.


  1. I love this idea of doing 5 in 5 at an event - really captures the buzz and how much is going on

  2. What a lovely way to take your photos Maggie, and after last months lambing photos it is lovely to learn more about the farming year.
    I have been on the Shetland Islands for the past two weeks and had lots of sheep experience, everything from seeing a lamb born to a visit to a wool mill. They were unpacking new fleeces and we had arrived at the perfect time to see the entire process from washing fleece to the carding and spinning. We also saw the wool being knitted and I bought lots of fair Isle design pieces that i plan to felt or use in other ways. Thank you for taking part this month and sharing more about your farming life. Wonderful!