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Saturday, 2 May 2015

No Veg Box Here

On a Saturday afternoon or early on Sunday morning Brian brings me in a selection of vegetables from the garden in readiness for Sunday lunch. The selection is already increasing.

The rhubarb is now fairly plentiful. We have been able to have rhubarb and strawberry pie, rhubarb crumble and rhubarb and ginger in orange jelly.

We have a glut of cauliflowers at the moment and the last couple of Sundays we have had asparagus.

Looking in the garden we have already had purple sprouting.

There will hopefully be more treats in store. The broad bean plants are now in flower.

Then if we get the nets out in time there is the prospect of soft fruit including these redcurrants.

I don't think we will need one of those veg boxes delivered here!


  1. Mmm.. feeling hopeful of rhubarb related pudding- D will be jealous!

  2. I have rhubarb seeds to sow, but I guess it will take a few years before we have crumble to look forward to? I used to adore rhubarb crumble as a child, but haven't had it for years now, and one time I even made some rhubarb wine, pretty potent stuff!

  3. NO: you have your own personal vegetable box. How wonderful. Everything looks so fresh

  4. fabulous range of produce - I hadn't thought of putting rhubarb in jelly - must try it