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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Busy in the Kitchen with Fruit

I managed to buy a reasonably priced box of raspberries at the market this week.

They were Spanish admittedly but there we are!

I was soon busy making jam and I now have a good stack of raspberry jam in the cupboard.

There were quite a few left over. Some we ate fresh and the rest came in useful for a mixed fruit crumble to go with two apple ones. Puddings to take to a lunch for the elderly that I was helping with today.


  1. Well the raspberries look great and I am sure the crumble will have gone down very well!

  2. I love raspberries but probably won't have enough in my garden to make any jam. Maybe one year!

  3. I think home made raspberry jam is just heavenly. Well done.

  4. I love raspberry jam..especially the smell as it cooks. How nice to have some in your store cupboard

  5. You & Lady Ella's jam making adventures certainly encourage me to try making a batch of jam. Yours looks perfect. You said that the raspberries were Spanish ... not being local, I wonder is that a good thing? or do you worry about the travel of the berries or the production of the berries? We get many of our fresh berries during the winter from either Chile or Mexico. There is some disdain to Mexico's apparent farming practices which do not have the same regulations regarding pesticides that we do. In the last few years we have had huge campaigns about the 100 mile food purchase, which has been positive (I think) as we have gotten to know some of our local produce farmers & be more aware of impact.

    1. I do try and buy locally or use what we have available in the garden. I bought these raspberries from a market stall where they tend to have fruit and vegetables that are fairly cheap because they are need using quickly hence tempted to buy Spanish!Generally being farmers we do try and support the British farmer and buy locally. When buying meat I certainly try and buy British. Some of theEuropean standards of farm husbandry is lower than ours even if they are in the EU! It horrifies me to see chicken imported from places such as Thailand and won't buy them. You often see cooked flavoured chicken such as Chicken tikka or piri piri comes from abroad. Ok rant over!
      I was interested when I visited my sister in Virginia how the supermarkets had detailed food mile distances on a lot of produce. Much more precisely than over here.

  6. Here in NW Washington State we live in the middle of berry country. Soon the thousands of acres of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries will be ripe and for sale from the farmers - we love this time of year. I often freeze the berries when they are in season and then make jam on cool autumn or winter days. Great for cobblers and pies too. My favorite berry pie is bumble berry - a mix of blackberries, raspberries and blueberries - yummm.