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Friday, 8 May 2015

A Garden with a Perfect Setting

We have now returned from our short trip away. I have quite a few pictures to share and so have started with the garden we visited yesterday morning.

Overbecks is situated at Sharpitor on the headland of the Salcombe Estuary. You only have to look at this entrance to know that you are in for a special treat. I have visited here several times in the past but only this time learnt the origin of it's name. The house and garden were originally called Sharpitor but were renamed by it's last owner Otto Overbecks when he donated it to The National Trust on his death. 
The garden has magnificent views up and down the estuary which are a perfect backdrop for this exotic garden.

The garden consists of a series of terraces joined by different steps and gateways.


The terraces give the ideal opportunity to see the garden from several dimensions. This box hedge maze (which is new since our last visit and was not in my garden guide printed in 1989!) is viewed from above.

The magnificent magnolia tree planted in 1901 can be viewed at close proximity from above as seen through this framework.

Then it can be admired from below which gives a real perspective on its age and grandeur.

The statue terrace has not only this tree.

But as its name suggests has the bronze statue "First Flight ".

We learnt during a guided tour around the museum that there was a bird originally in her hand. The house had been used by the American navy during the Second World War during which time the bird was shot off by an over enthusiastic (or drunk?) American sailor and subsequently lost!

There are so many places to stop, sit and admire views and parts of the garden. Should you stop and sit in the orangery then this will be your reward.

I have more but I shall save some for Pairs on Wednesday.

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  1. Such a beautiful garden. I remember it but it has been a while! Your photos are lovely and I am glad that you had a fine morning for your visit.