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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Cornish Cream Tea

When I discovered I had run out of home made strawberry jam Brian appeared with a box of strawberries from the fruit market.

I obligingly made some more jam! My parents and sister have been here today so with the new jam it was the idea time to serve a cream tea.  My mum is Cornish and some time ago she gave me my gran's recipe for Cornish splits. A Cornish cream tea is traditionally made with these splits which are an enriched sweet bread roll. Yesterday evening I made some splits to my gran's recipe.


They seemed to go down pretty well and of course the jam went on first followed by the clotted cream!


  1. Oh yum. YUM! From your description and photo I imagine splits to be a sort of cross between a bun and a scone. Your jam looks a sight better than mine! I'll have to keep an eye open for more cheap strawbs.

  2. I second that ... it does look delicious!