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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Reflections of a Bloggers Meet Up

I was delighted today to meet up in Bristol with some fellow bloggers. Helena from Helena's Creative Maven kindly arranged our get together with Barbara from  From My View and Miriam from Miriam's Blog. We were just sorry that Eileen from In My Playroom was unable to join us.
We met just off the centre on the waterfront in the busy harbour area. Whereas in days gone by this was a thriving area of shipping commerce it is now a popular tourist and leisure area.

There is a mix of old and new buildings around the docks.

It was certainly buzzing on a sunny Saturday lunchtime and after eating we went for a walk following part of the Bristol Sculpture Trail. Many of the modern sculptures we saw were based around Millennium Square. Probably one of the most popular is the Aquarena Water sculpture that consists of flowing water with stainless steel columns and black marble  pools. A great hit with the youngsters on a warm day.

The reflected colours and the sheets of water are very effective.

What an ideal spot for a joint bloggers selfie with a difference!

Once we started there was no stopping us! Another joint reflective selfie opportunity using the large mirrored globe.

We were not in need of the solar phone charger. A mixture of different phone plugs were available to use making the most of the sunshine.

And we were rather taken with Bill and Bob.

We had a wander around the other bronze statues including William Tyndale who translated the New Testament into English.

William Penn a Quaker who oversaw the founding of Pennsylvania. 

The detail of these figures is quite remarkable.

We were perhaps most taken with Thomas Chatterton a boy poet who died in 1770 aged 17 after taking arsenic. Helena posed with him for us.

Then it was time for a team photo kindly taken by Miriam's son.

We then said goodbye to Barbara before visiting some more sculptures.

I shall save the rest for another day!


  1. Looks like a great get-together and some serious exploring too! And a fine day.. what more could you ask for..

  2. What fun! Glad you had such lovely weather. Bristol looks way different from when I was last there.
    Was this the first time you'd all met? (Were you nervous?!) Such a shame Eileen had to bow out. I noticed no posts these last few days and guessed the sickness bug must have floored her.

  3. How wonderful! It looks like you all got on famously too. Here's to many more meet ups!

    I'm just about to start thinking about writing up a blogging friend meet up I had this week too

  4. fun and strange to see myself on another blog - it really was a lovely get together

  5. what a great opportunity to have a blogging meet-up!! Love the selfies...and the water sculptures and statues are wonderful.