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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Flowering Pairs at Overbecks

My theme for today's Pairs is a series of Zoom in Zoom out pairs of some of the trees and plants that caught my eye whilst walking round Overbecks garden. There is a little duplication on some pictures that I blogged on 8th May and can be seen hereMost of the plants I don't know the names of so would appreciate any help naming them.
    We could smell this first shrub as we walked up the drive and it was prolific in the gardens and on the paths close to the property. I thought it smelt of honey whereas Brian thought it was more like a bathroom air freshener! It is situated on the left in this picture.

I give no apologies for more magnolia pictures.

This elderly tree as mentioned previously is over 100. It has fern growing on the trunk.

Can't not show some flowers on another magnolia.

Any ideas on this one?

Then getting more exotic.

Then finally some exotic looking tulips.

I am sorry more than my fair share of pairs this week!


  1. beautiful - looks a fabulous garden to visit. I can help with one plant id - the yellow on the tree is wattle, which I recognise from Australia - the berries are used as a seasoning a bit like pepper

  2. Don't apologise, they're lovely. It looks like an amazing place to visit.

  3. Beautiful gardens, great photos. Thanks for taking your readers along on your walk :)

  4. What a beautiful place! I recognize some of the plants, but am no help in naming them.

  5. wow- you have some lovely close-up shots here. The magnolia is so pretty!

  6. Oh no apologies at all! One can never see enough magnolias! What a lovely garden. The plant by the entrance is euphorbia, those are parrot tulips (I think) The giant palm may be a pineapple palm. The rather exotic looking plant looks like a phormium but don't know which one. I would like to visit that garden ;)

    1. Thank you Miriam. It is National Trust if you happen to be a member. While you are down there visit some of the other gardens too!

  7. Ooh, so many beautiful photos!!