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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Collecting the Pea Sticks

I planted my sweet pea plants a few days ago. I had bought the seed at The Royal Chelsea Show last year so I am hoping for some good show blooms! On Sunday afternoon we wandered out to one of the fields to collect some pea sticks for them to climb up. This consists of some hazel sticks that had been cut back a while ago. It is just as well I took Brian with me.....

We also took the dogs. Sky particularly enjoyed having a run around. Can a Collie's tongue really be that long?

She was also very obliging about posing in the bluebells and wild garlic.

On our way back we walked through the field wherethe rams and some of the ewes are. I was reminded of the Movies in May Challenge. Could that be The Three Amigos? I shall have to bring out their sombreros.....

They do look a bit too serious.


  1. Great pictures - I like Sky in the garlic and the three 'Amigos'

  2. I love the Three Amigos!

  3. looks like the 3 of them are doing some serious gossiping there - love your dogs alert ears

  4. What a nice pose amidst the flowers. I've got sweet peas sprouting at the moment and am missing my old garden as I used the trimmings as sticks. Are you off to Chelsea this year? I am next Wednesday :)

    1. We really enjoyed Chelsea but this year we are going to try the Hampton Court Flower Show