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Friday, 22 May 2015

When it has Rained

I had a look around the garden when it stopped raining this morning. It was just the moment to capture the rain drops. This agapanthus is a recent buy. I spotted one in a lady's  basket at the greengrocer's and couldn't resist one.

I have never grown alliums before but I planted some bulbs in the autumn and Emma has brought some home from her allotment club at school. I am very pleased with them.

Confession time. I have this plant from a cutting I took at a garden some years ago. Each year I make some fresh cuttings to rejuvenate it. I love the colour of it.

I am so pleased that my Welsh Poppy has come back again this year. 


Love my granny bonnets!


The cultivated bluebells in the garden will soon be over.


I grew these apricot foxgloves from seed last year. I first saw this colour growing at Rosemoor Gardens in Devon and was rather taken with them. This one is nearly in flower now.


A rather tatty boysenberry flower gives hope of fruit to come!





  1. lovely collection of raindrops and blooms

  2. Flowers are even more beautiful in the rain! Lovely pics