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Friday, 29 May 2015

A Walk from Melłs

It was with hesitation that I left home this morning for our monthly walk and talk. The weather has been sunny all week but when I woke up this morning it was raining. Brian cheerfully announced that as the rain had only just started it was likely to rain for some time. Great! It continued to rain as I set off in the car with a fellow walker. Yes I was tempted to opt out but didn't for two reasons. Firstly I always bring along their month's supply of eggs and potatoes to sell and as Margaret our "leader" said herself we are all too scared of her not to come!
When we arrived in Mells which is an affluent village between Radstock and Frome it was raining heavily. Fortunately our meeting point was outside the Post Office/ Cafe so we didn't need much persuasion to dash in there for a steaming coffee. The rain had subsided by the time we had had a leisurely drink and off we set.
The first part of the walk followed a path along the river through woodland. 

We had a few dousings of soft rain off the trees but it quickly dried up. The river was beautiful and peaceful.

We met a lady with some a group of dogs (about 6 in total) two of whom were having a great time in the river.

We passed some interesting houses and buildings along the way.

The return journey was along the Colliers way which follows the path of a disused railway and then eventually after just under 5 miles we dropped back down in Mells behind the church.

To the right side of the church is the Manor House where the Horner family originally lived. Our walk details told us that the rhyme Little Jack Horner originates from a Jack Horner who built the house but from what I have subsequently read on the internet this is probably not true.

The churchyard had a curious back gate with a wooden device that we could not fathom what it was for. It was suggested it could be used for exercise!

There was then a fine avenue of yew trees again rather unusual for the back of a church.

We spent some time looking at some of the gravestones including that of the First World War poet Siegried Sasoon.

Then that of Ronald Knox who produced a new translation of the bible.

We had a glimpse of the front of the church before heading to the pub for a well deserved lunch.

After a very good lunch we visited a walled garden. I will save those photos for another day. We then wandered back to the cars with a few grumbles about the price of drinks in the pub. Can they really be justified in charging £4 for a lemonade, more than the price of a real ale? 
On the way we passed the very large village war memorial.

And also stopped to admire two beautiful wisteria plants.

It turned out to be a lovely day and how lucky were we that the only rain was while we were in the pub and on the way home in the car!


  1. Looks like a great walk, even under wet conditions. Interesting that Seigried Sassoon is buried at Mells, as his family home is at Heytesbury, just outside Warminster - Heysebury House, which featured in my blog of 26th April.
    Joy xx

  2. Looks like a great walk and you were certainly lucky with the weather!