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Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Few More Sculptures

One of the first sculptures that we saw on Saturday was the beetle sculpture in Anchor Square. Despite the sign requesting people not to climb on it I did wonder quite what abuse it had to stand up to by late night revellers.

When we had said goodbye to Barbara we made our way up towards Bristol Cathedral. Situated in the Cathedral garden is The Refugee by Norma Blake a survivor of the Holocaust. The statue is dedicated to all victims of racial persecution.

We then circled around College Green which is situated at the bottom of the busy Park St which itself is dominated by the Wills Memorial Building.

College Green was a hive of activity with students and other youngsters enjoying the sunshine. I hope to blog more of this later in the week. 

The green has two main buildings. The first is the Bristol Council buildings in a semi circle above the green. The Bristol Unicorns are found on either end of the roof and have been part of the City's common seal since 1569.


The sculpture in the centre of the council building depicts an Elizabethan Seaman. The city council apparently claim that this is not John Cabot despite Cabot's long association with Bristol from where he sailed in1490 on the Mathew to subsequently discover Newfoundland.


The second building is Bristol Cathedral. The next sculpture on our trail is situated in the forefront. Raja Ram Mohun Roy an Indian humanist and religious reformer.

The trail continues over a 2 and a half mile circuit. Time restraints limited us to just one more that we spied through an archway and depicts a horse and man on the site of a nineteenth century horse market.

It was a great day and we look forward to our next get together.



  1. a lovely recap of our sculpture wander

  2. I used to have lots of family in Bristol and it's lovely to have a tour once again

  3. Wonderful photos Maggie. It was so lovely to meet you and I hope we can meet again.