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Monday, 25 May 2015

Sandy and her Friends

We occasionally have a ewe who is very friendly and will come up to be petted. Sandy is an old ewe that we have had for many years and is always very friendly. She will often wait near the gate and come up to you when you go into the field.

She is not easy to capture on camera because she comes so close! This is one of her lambs.

Here she is when she was in the lambing shed.

And one of her lambs when just a few days old.

Kate tells me that no. 20 in the front here is also very friendly. They are numbered so that we can easily tell which lambs go with which mum. Singles and doubles are in different colours.

It was yet another beautiful evening when Brian and I went to check them.

This last picture has a bit of a story to it. I was on my hands and knees taking this a few days ago only to memory card in my camera..... So back I went tonight for a second attempt! Well I think it was worth it'


  1. Love the idea that she gets too close for a photo. Fabulous sheep eye levels photos - glad you went back for them

  2. The wool caught in the fence is a great photo. Is that from them (sheep) rubbing against the fence or just blown loose & caught? Either way, it does make a great photo capture. Thanks for explaining the numbering system :)

    1. Thanks Mary Lou. I think it is probably where they have rubbed their backs.