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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

2016 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt Final Link Up

Summer is rapidly drawing to an end and at the same time it is the end of the Summer fun of finding all the items for Rinda's photo hunt. Today I am showing my final choices.

1. A Wild Heart - a naturally occurring heart. I just love strawberries.

2. A footprint or pawprint. Footprints on the newly washed sand.

3. A skeleton, bone or X Ray. This chap lives in the Abbeychurch Yard in Bath.

4. A book or magazine read during 2016.
I don't find a lot of time for reading and listen to a lot of audiobooks but here are two books on my book club list. Then I have spent a lot of time wandering through New Zealand guide books in preparation for our trip to New Zealand. Lastly this article in the local National Trust newsletter caught my eye. Trevose Head is close to a regular haunt of ours and I was delighted to see it has been secured by the National Trust. It is also the nearest I have got to a lighthouse this year for Alternative 1. 

5. A Porch or Deck. My friend's new addition to her house.

6. A camper (caravan). A step back in time.

7. A family gathering. My mother-in-law's 90th birthday.

8. A drawing, art project, scrapbook page, greeting card or art journal created by you. Now this was a tricky one because I am no artist or scrap booker. I do however enjoy creating in the kitchen and my chocolate swirl slice is a favourite with all the family.

9. Someone playing with, in or around water. You cannot see the water in this picture but the view of the sea is in everyone's eyes as they relax on Sidmouth promenade.

10. A bicycle. The flying bicycles in Bath to celebrate the Tour of Britain has got to be the subject for this one.

11. Fresh Produce. This display of The Very Hungry Caterpillar made from fruit and vegetables won the day for this item.

12. A window. This is a very special window in Lacock Abbey especially to photographers. It was the subject for the first negative in 1835 by Henry Fox Talbot.

13. The Moon. A view of the Strawberry full moon which appears almost amber in colour. It coincided with the Summer Solstice. An occurrence that only happens about every 70 years.

14. A buffet of food for the 90th birthday lunch.

15. A team logo. I spotted this in the window of a sports shop.

16. A map showing a trip taken during the time period. My daughter went off to Europe inter railing during the summer. Those of us left at home followed her progress with pins in a map and as virtual tourists with all the photos she shared with us.

17. Twins. Some of our swallow chicks. Not technically twins but these two stuck together for many days on the top of a bike hung in the shed.

18. A Supermarket cart, basket or trolley full of groceries. This is the required photo.

Isn't this second one a far more interesting use of a trolley?

19. A seasonal cocktail or beverage. Celebrating our daughter's 18th birthday.

20. Someone Laughing. Speaks for itself!

21. A photograph with of you with a newspaper or calendar page from the time period covered in the hunt.  A very significant political event reported around the world.

Alternative 1. A lighthouse. I haven't visited any lighthouses this year or even glimpsed one from afar but this is a little souvenir from Brittany that lives in our kitchen.

Alternative 2. A baby. My cousin's beautiful baby.

So that brings the hunt to an end for me for this year. Thank you Rinda for all the fun you have created.


  1. A very successful hunt Maggie. You did really well and I enjoyed the final cut - newer choices and those which I remember seeing from earlier in the season. As to the last photo, yes indeed, a beautiful bubba.

  2. Wonderful - mine is almost finished - can't wait to see what the others have found.

  3. What a wonderful collection! I've enjoyed following your progress this summer.

  4. Hurray for scavenging! It's a beautiful collection, so nicely finished off with the baby at the end

  5. What a lovely collection. I've been gathering but haven't had time to put everything together yet.

  6. Great collection of very original photographs xx