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Sunday, 11 September 2016

A Spare Half Hour

This weekend was Open Doors Weekend in Bristol. This is I believe something that happens all over the country. It is an opportunity to visit buildings of architectural and historical importance that are not normally open to the public. It is something that I try and do most years and we try and choose a specific area each time. This year it clashed with A Tour of Britain cycle ride in Bristol which mean that several key roads were closed. I was quite concerned that I would have trouble getting into the centre so I left home earlier than normal. I needn't have worried as the park and ride bus had me there in no time at all.
Consequently I had half an hour to spare before meeting my friends ( who were then 15minutes late.....) I decided to use the time with my camera around the edge of the harbourside in the area known as the Waterfront.

Ir was a dull start to the day with a steady drizzle so I have used black and white filters that reflect the day and portray the modern and the old.

What was once a very busy dockyard is now a buzzing entertainment venue with cinema, restaurants and a market which at 10am was already springing into life.

The market stalls on a Saturday overlook the waterfront.

This lady kindly let me photograph her delicious cakes.

The cakes she told me were all made by her yesterday. She says she always worries that she has made to much. It didn't take me long talking to her before I was buying something and chose 4 generous slices of chocolate cheesecake brownie for my friends and I to have with a coffee when they (eventually!) arrived. Sorry no photo! Tomorrow I shall tell more about the venues we visited.


  1. She made all that lot in a day? Wow! Must have big oven(s)!
    Like your wharf photo.

  2. I like the black and white photos for a change.

  3. What an enjoyable virtual tour