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Saturday, 10 September 2016

The Hive

I hinted yesterday that was would be more today about our day trip out on Thursday. Brian and I accompanied some friends to Kew Gardens. I can safely say that it must be 30 years since I last visited. One of my nursing friends/ flatmate came from Kew and from time to time we escaped out there on the District Line for some home cooked food, a warm house and a walk in some green surroundings. I can't remember what the entrance fee was but it was pretty cheap compared with the £16.50 of today. I can however see that there have been huge new innovations and improvements since that time.
 A present innovation albeit temporary is a mass of metal perched on a hill.

This is the beehive which you can on closer inspection see the outline of. The hill is in fact wildflowers although they have now all finished flowering. My first thoughts were to walk on by this pile of metal tubes.

We did however give it a closer inspection.

It was only when we walked inside that I could see any beauty or purpose to it. The sounds effects and shape did give the feel of being in a beehive. We walked up to the top section first.

Where you can look up through the top.

The floor is glass and mainly in the shape of bee cells. The centre is a circle of glass which you can look down through. One mother was telling her little girl that she didn't want to stand on it as it might not take her weight (unlikely!). I was more concerned that my skirt would give those below an undesirable view!
So looking down 

Then looking back up from the bottom section. (I checked for skirts first!)

It is classed as multi sensory with the sound effects, the different textures, I guess also the possible scent of flowers. There are lights all over it but I have no idea when that illuminate it. There is also the chance to "hear" through your teeth.

It is an interesting structure and concept that puts over the role of the bee and their connection with pollination. One of my farming and perhaps slightly cynical companions did suggest the money would be better spent on research into the Varroa virus!
I will leave you to make up your own mind. Meanwhile here are a couple of flowers from the Mediterranean area.


  1. interesting piece - just my kind of thing but I also enjoy eavesdropping on the more cynical comments from others

  2. Wow: that does sound a bit steep as an entrance fee, but you certainly got some striking photos out of it

  3. I went to Kew back in December for the Winter Wonderland - my friend's brother works there. I should make an effort to go back on a summer's day. I see what you mean about the sculpture but it's definitely worth seeing from the inside!

    1. Yes I agree it is far more impressive inside than out.

    2. Were the lights on when you saw it?

  4. Goodness what an interesting structure, I would love to see it. Last time I went to Kew my son was in a pushchair, probably round about the same time you were visiting.