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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Bristol Half

On Sunday older daughter and her cousin participated in the Bristol Half Marathon and I went along as a spectator. It started to rain as we arrived on a packed park and ride bus but this did not seem to dampen the buzz in the collection area in Millennium Square.

After a pre run photo I left them both to go to the starting point.

Despite the showers spectators were collecting along the route with some very keen young supporters.

Soon they were off and then came the tricky task of picking out the girls amongst the mass of runners.

Luckily they spotted me!

Fortunately the rain passed off and by the time most of the runners were passing under Bristol Suspension Bridge the sun was shining.

Once the girls were off down the Portway I made my way back to the centre of Bristol to catch them towards the end of the race. This gave me time to wander along the docks from giving me a view of where we had started out in particular the baggage hold in buses on the other side of the water.

Once I had grabbed a coffee I was back on spectator duty on the corner of the penultimate loop into Queen Square.

Then caught them both as they came back out and into the centre. 

It was not long then before it was time for a post run photo.

Then a wander back to the bus.

It was at this stage while the girls were beginning to plan a restful afternoon and some food that we had the phone call that the cows were out. The rest of the story has already been told!


  1. Great pics but it looks as if you nearly did a half marathon yourself to get to those different vantage points!

  2. Congrats to both girls! It's truly an accomplishment.

  3. Great pictures! I could feel the excitement. Congratulations to them..I'm in awe