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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

5 in 5 : What the Tourists Look For

It's time again to join Sandy in her 5 in 5 where as many photos as is possible are taken in 5 minutes and then with great difficulty 5 are chosen to show. This month I chose a very specific location in Bath amongst some of the oldest parts of the city.
1. The building at the end of this passage is one that tourists are often seeking out. Sally Lunn's.

2.  Sally Lunns is a very old tea rooms in the centre of Bath in a building which as the notice say dates back to 1482.

3. The famous tea rooms originate from around 1680 when legend has it that Sally Lunn was a baker who created a specific bread bun that is known as the Sally Lunn. Tourists flock in to sample this bun either with a savoury topping or as a cream tea. It is many years since I myself visited the tea rooms but I do recall that they are very big.

4. I wonder how many visitors look up to find that they are being watched? I am not sure that I would ever have spotted him except that he was an answer to a clue on a treasure hunt around Bath that I did many years ago. If you can't quite make it out it's an owl.

5. It's always very busy in the tea rooms but don't despair if you can't get in as there are plenty of other great places for a cuppa in these lovely little lanes.

Finally this last picture is not part of the 5 in 5 but is for Sandie who posted a collection of disused sewing machines last month. This is the All Saints chain shop I mentioned.


  1. The gay Sally Luuuuuuunn! Having tea there was on my list of things to do before I had a list of things to do - because of the line in the G&S opera The Sorcerer. I finally went about four years ago and remember being quite overwhelmed by the size of it ... but it was very light and went down a treat. Like a brioche disguised as a bun. I bought several to take home and have kept the boxes for backstage use. Alas, we never did the show - and it looks unlikely we ever will ... but live in hope!

    That sewing machine place is quite something.

  2. I've just taken a photos of the sign for that shop for a possible snap collection.

  3. I think that's a great subject for a "five"

  4. Wonderful. I enjoyed this tour of Bath and remember Sally Lunn only too well from my visit. I remember having a cinnamon toasted version, it was delicious! I like the owl peeking out of the hole, not sure if it is real or not, but assuming it is a statue. Thank you for taking part this month and for including the photo of the sewing machines. The certainly are a beautiful window display Maggie.

  5. Lovely 5in5 - not sure if it's part of the true & original Sally Luns but my Gran had tins she used only for baking her (version) of Sally Lunn cakes - oh the joy of those cakes.

  6. A long time since I have had a Sally Lunn! I remember a 'Welsh (or maybe Bath) Rarebit' version which was good but very large.

  7. A beautiful set Maggie, isn't Bath just so photogenic?