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Saturday, 17 September 2016

A Few More Windows

The Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt kindly arranged by Rinda is nearly finished for this year. I have a few more to show before I decide on my final choice. Today I am showing a few for No.12 A Window that I have collected during the summer.
This first one was part of a house on the front in Sidmouth.

Still in Sidmouth we visited the parish church which has some fascinating and colourful windows.

This next one is part of the medieval section of  the church but is now incorporated inside and is back lit.

Then while we were there restoration of a large window was in progress. This is known as the Queen Victoria window. It was given by the Queen herself in memory of her visit to Sidmouth as a baby and also in memory of her father. The restorers were hard at work while we were there.

Moving on to Barrington Court where the house seemed to have a wonderful view from every window. These were from the attic windows overlooking the main lawn and countryside beyond.

Downstairs in the same house there was an inner court with a pool which a lot of the windows looked onto.

Then a final window reverts to total simplicity. It is taken looking through the little shed that we have in one of our fields with farmer husband trying to get in on the show!

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  1. Lovely, lovely pictures. I'm so fond of a view from a many storytelling possibilities