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Thursday, 15 September 2016

On the Water

One of the highlights for me of our visit to Kew Gardens was seeing the water lilies and lotus flowers. Both were looking fabulous.
We came across two main pools. One outdoor one was situated close to the kitchen gardens.

I couldn't decide which photos to show so you have several.

This lotus flower was in a water filled tub at the side of the main pond.

There was then a lily house opposite the entrance to the palmhouse. The overall effect in here was spectacular with giant lily pads and and an abundance of flowers.

It can be tricky to distinguish the lily from the lotus flower.

So which is your favourite?


  1. I'm so glad you posted so many---all beautiful! My faves are the two on the water with their reflections. The pink one is especially lovely.

  2. Fourth one down ... I'd already decided before you asked!

  3. It's difficult to choose as they are all lovely but if I have to then I'll choose the pink one (3rd photo).

  4. beautiful - I have a soft spot for the giant leaves that look like plates with raised sides as I remember being fascinated by them when we went to Kew as kids and I insisted on having them on a postcard that I kept on my wall. I also love the lotus flowers for their delicate colours. I love the lillies too for their vibrance - so all favourites!