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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Have you Seen One Yet?

Last week saw the launch of the new five pound note. A customer paid with one at the weekend and that was the first one we had seen.

It is made of polymer and cannot be torn or folded. It is also quite a bit smaller. There is a see through window with Big Ben embossed on it.

The aim is to move over to similar £10 and £20 notes.


  1. They are changing the money in the US too - but a little at a time - once every 10 years or so - but so far no polymer.

  2. It might be a while before one filters through to me here. We had plastic notes a while back here, but for some reason they were withdrawn. I don't know why. I quite liked the feel of them

  3. We have had the polymer money for awhile now. It is the change over to coing currency that drives me crazy. Be careful the bills do not get forgotten in the wash/dryer - they do not do well in the dryer, well at least the Canadian bills do not but then again right now on the world currency chart the Canadian dollar is not doing well wet or dry (lol).

    1. Don't worry I shall be fine on the dryer as we don't have one. Good old fashioned washing line for me. Not so good in the rain!

  4. I shall look forward to seeing one when I get home. Must be strange not to be able to fold a note..