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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Snap: Looking out of the Palace

Our visit to Kew included a wander around Kew Palace. It is from here that I have chosen my pictures to join Helena in her weekly meme Snap . This week I have chosen "looking out".
One of the upstairs windows gave a magnificent view out across the palace garden and onwards towards a modern London suburb.

The hallway reaches out to the outside world through the grand front door as people start to explore the acres of gardens.


Looking up out from the kitchens to the kitchen garden.

The palace garden stretches out into the rest of the gardens and towards the Princess of Wales conservatory.


  1. great framing - I love the contrast of dark inside and light outside

  2. How lovely! I've seen Kew Palace on tv , but never like this..from the inside, looking out

  3. Photo 3 - was the door also a time portal??
    I love Kew, hadn't been for 30 years then went for their Christmas light show which was wonderful. Has got very expensive though.

    1. I like the idea of no 3 being a time portal ! Yes it has leapt in price since my visits in the 80s

  4. It was a penny to get in via a turnstile when I last went!!! Brilliant pictures as always maggie. I love the dark and light.

  5. I love the light in the third one and, looking at the other comments, the idea that it could be a time portal.

  6. Another wonderful set of framed photos! I especially like the third one.

  7. great series of framed photos! I like the one looking up the stairs from the kitchen...