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Sunday, 4 September 2016

A Soggy Scene

When I agreed to buy 3 tickets to an outdoor performance of Peter Pan on the lawn of Tyntesfield House I thought it would a pleasant end of summer treat with friends. We would start the evening with a picnic and would then enjoy the performance during the balmy evening with perhaps a rug to just keep off the evening chill and a glass of wine to hand. Oh how wrong could I be!
Yesterday was a day of almost continual rain. Younger daughter suddenly remembered she had a party to go to. Older daughter didn't want a ticket anyway so wasn't due to join us. Farmer husband had declared the previous day that if the forecasted rain came he was staying at home. So that left me. Finally out of 7 of us 3 of us actually braved it. We disbanded the picnic idea and arrived armed with coats, rugs and umbrellas.
The trusty volunteers awaited us and made quite a point of writing DNA by the four who didn't come. I'm sure they couldn't have been the only ones!

The setting for the play was fabulous with the house as a backdrop. It became increasingly atmospheric as the evening progressed.

It was not long before the umbrellas went up.

Fortunately people were considerate enough to drop the brollies before the performance started despite the pouring rain. We were lucky enough to be at the back so were able to keep ours up. The actors had no protection from the rain and gave an admirable performance. Luckily it stopped raining for the last half which lifted people's spirits considerably.

I was glad to get home and climb into my warm bed!


  1. well done for braving the rain to see the show - I guess it is the hazzard to deciding to put on an outdoor play

  2. The weather can make or break these events. Reminds me of a sodden "West Side Story" I once attended. Still enjoyed it though! I sometimes help usher an open air show not far from me - so far so good but I always dread a washout.

  3. As they say - the show must go on - love the brave ones who came out anyway.

  4. As they say - the show must go on - love the brave ones who came out anyway.

  5. Oh another visit to Tyntesfield House. Brave you & your companions, the rain would have kept me away.

  6. So sorry that you didn't get the idyllic evening that you planned - it's great how many people did turn out to enjoy it anyway.