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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Snap: Beside the Water

It is time again to join Helena with her Wednesday treat, the great meme that she has created called Snap. This week I have chosen a few waterside views taken as I wandered around Bristol watching the Bristol Half Marathon more details of which can be found on yesterday's post.

1. A competitor warms up against a nautical background.

2. One of the restored bonded warehouses along the docks.

3. An elevated view of one of the locks which helps to maintain the water level of the harbour from the tidal river Avon.

4. A spectator and his dog relax along the marathon route.


  1. What an interesting place to watch the race from. The puppy probably has the most comfortable spot for watching.

  2. I especially like that last one

  3. I like the warehouse reflection - the water is very still!

  4. Another interesting SNAP collection. The one looking down on the lock is interesting--at first I wasn't sure exactly what it was---looks quite different from the locks I see walking on the Erie Canal.

  5. Ha ha! Love Karens comment! The floating harbour Bristol vs The locks on Lake Eire. Lovely pictures of the race from a different perspective. Very creative Maggie.

  6. great views by the water - love the reflection