Monday, 19 September 2016

Memorandum Monday: Big Changes

This morning brings another Monday and it is time to send a wave to Sian and all the Monday bloggers. So what is new this weekend and what have I learnt?
Well Saturday was the day to load up all the packed bags. Would it all fit in? 

It was time for younger daughter to go to university. Fortunately we have a big car and yes we did fit it all in with space for some eggs and spuds!

It wasn't that long before we had her unpacked in her new room with just the pictures and decorative bits to do.

Then it was time to say our goodbyes and slip away leaving her busy building new friendships.
So what have I learnt this weekend? I have definitely learnt that with younger daughter away and older daughter out that I need to cook less food! Just the two of us sitting down to lunch took us back 20 plus years! 

  However until I have got used to it if you happen to be passing on a Sunday lunchtime pop in because there is sure to be some to spare! 
 You may also get a chance to try out some different Yorkshire Puddings. I tried a new slant this week inspired a little by watching last week's British Bake Off. Individual Yorkshires with a little caramelised onion (after carefully removing extra oil in kitchen roll) and some freshly chopped sage in each one as I popped them in the oven. They were far more successful than the whole Yorkshire Pud I had tried before where I had mixed the ingredients into the mixture first. I shall be doing these again.
I am also doing a great line in text culinary advice with such questions as can I add baked beans to the mince instead of tinned tomatoes? Do I need to cool the spare dinner before I freeze it? Well at least she is having a go and has not been supplied with meals like this that I spotted on Facebook!

 So wishing you all a good week. Good luck and all the best to all students starting this week. Make the most to these exciting years of your life!


  1. Oh that Sunday lunch looks delicious - too bad there is such a big pond between us ... dessert - apple crumble from yesterday's post? Wishing your youngest the happiest of adventures at school, I think brave to leave home so young.

  2. Yes: we definitely feel like we have gone back twenty years. We are down to two here. All the very very best to her: she certainly sounds ready for the adventure!

  3. Sunday lunch looks delicious and plentiful. Glad she is settling in and getting down to the cooking! Xx