Monday 26 September 2016

Memorandum Monday: The Unexpected

Well Monday is here again. It's time to wave at Sian and the other Monday bloggers. What's new around here? Older daughter is hobbling a little after taking part in the Bristol Half Marathon but more about that later in the week. Sunday in fact was one of those days that didn't pan out quite as expected but then that's how it goes with livestock.This innocent looking heifer was at the centre of the trouble.

Yes she looks innocent enough doesn't she? It was a report from a neighbouring farmer that she had been seen wandering down the road that had us rushing down to put her back. It didn't take too long to find her but the same couldn't be said for the other five. Driving around the surrounding roads showed no sign of them in addition she wasn't keen to stay in the field on her own and kept heading back through the hedge. 
Three hours later we had her loaded and back at the farm but still no sign of the others. This is always worrying as to where they could be and in addition plans for a birthday tea had to been put on hold. That's life on a farm! Anyway the good news is they have all been found lurking in another farmer's yard and are safely back in a field. 
The birthday candles have been blown out and the cake consumed.
 So how did I get onto that subject? That is not what I had planned to tell you about today. I had planned to tell you what I had learnt about fennel and nasturtiums seeds but that too will have to wait till later in the week. Have a good week yourself!


  1. Glad all are safely gathered in and hope that the half marathon runners are not too stiff of limb tomorrow x

  2. Naughty heifer(s) - you could use this as a base to a story for children, about the curious cow who walked down the lane ...

  3. Wow, that took up quite a bit of your day, didn't it? I'm glad they were all found before it got dark.

    Wishing you a good week, with no more escapees

  4. Goodness what a worry when they get out, I am glad they are all safely back where they should be.