Tuesday, 7 March 2017

5 in 5 : Early Morning on Charles Bridge

I am two days late joining Sandie with her 5 in 5. The idea is that you take as many photos as you can in 5 minutes and then choose five. I have just returned from a weekend in Prague. Those of you that have visited this beautiful city will know that Charles Bridge is a very busy tourist attraction. We had already walked over it a couple of times but one morning we beat the crowds by visiting before breakfast.
I took my daughter's camera with me because it is smaller than mine and fitted more easily into my Easyjet hand luggage which was all we took with us. It is a Panasonic bridge camera and is certainly a nifty little camera that takes a very good picture. Unfortunately on this particular morning I had managed to knock the camera setting off automatic which gave the pictures an odd tinge. This is effective in some and I have edited some to black and white to give a better effect.

1. Looking over the side of the bridge onto a small side canal where there is a small waterwheel.

2. In the main river was a lone small boat. I guess possibly a fisherman.  

3. It is said that if you touch the bronze plaque of St John of Nepomuk you will one day return to Prague. I did not miss this opportunity for a possibility for the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt. This could well be my entry for No. 15 Hands.

4. Whichever way you point your camera at the skyline there is a remarkable array of roof tops and turrets.

5. Then you enter into the Old Town through the Powder Gate arch.


  1. Another lovely tour of Prague. Let's hope that all hands to the hand plaque ensure a return visit.

  2. Thanks for more photos of Prague!

  3. Lovely photos! The hands & the rooftops are my favorites!

    I've just posted my 5in5 today, too.

  4. Lovely photos Maggie. I have heard good things about Prague, perhaps I should think about a short break myself to visit. I love the skyline and hand photos, I hope you do return. Thank you for taking part this month, I really enjoyed this glimpse of Prague.