Wednesday, 22 March 2017

It's Spring

It has been very chilly the last day or two but at least the sun has been shining. There was a definite feel of Spring about as I drove to Nailsea. The daffodils look beautiful as you climb up onto Backwell Hill.

They look pretty good in our drive too.


  1. Yes that looks like Spring but also as if it might be a little windy and chilly! Your primroses will be out in a few weeks I guess?

  2. Oh there is a wistful sigh coming from me as our temperatures dropped to -15 overnight (add about another -10 for wind chill). I really like how all those daffodils are planted in the woods & not in neat border rows. I think daffodils need to be planted with such gay abandonment ...

  3. Lovely. There is a road just like that near me, and I always anticipate seeing it in bloom. (What's the betting it will be distinctly barer after this Sunday! Grrr.)

    1. Oh dear! Well you could blame the florists for putting the prices up for Mothering Sunday. One of my daughters did something similar but not so bad which will be revealed tomorrow !