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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Take Three Thursday : Red Deer

I am joining  Mary Lou again today with her new meme of three related photos. Today I am showing three pictures that I took last week when on a walk at the Ashton Court Estate on the edge of Bristol. These are the Red Deer that are managed in a special enclosure that you can walk through.
This is one of the fantastic stags.

They stayed still for some time as we walked by and then suddenly they took off.

All the girls were sticking together.


  1. OH WOW those are fantastic beasts & you certainly knew where to find them. Really what handsome creatures they all are - thanks for joining in.

  2. Wonderful pics Maggie, esp the top one. I nearly went to Ashton Court last year when I was out West - but the weather didn't play ball. Maybe this year...

  3. Those photos are lovely and it looks as if the herd has grown in recent years - I don't remember it being that large years ago.