Monday 20 March 2017

Memos, Mail, Me and Monday : Our Young Visitor

Good morning to all the Monday morning bloggers on what is a very very miserable wet, grey morning here. Secondly an extra special wave for the convalescing Sian this week and hoping that she is on the mend. 
Yesterday we had a bit of a gathering and a Sunday lunch to celebrate my mum's birthday and also my brother's. Unfortunately my brother was afflicted with a nasty cough so was unable to come but we toasted his birthday in his absence.
Amongst our visitors was my great nephew who is now 22 months and old enough to start enjoying the joys of the farm. He was not deterred by the wet weather and once kitted out in his splash suit and wellies was ready for action.
First stop was the cattle. He was quite keen to help feed them until he realised how noisy they are!

Then it was time for a peep at some sheep.

However like most boys it was the machinery that appealed most. "Driving " a tractor.

Discovering the lights.

A quick height comparison against the wheel.

Then it was a bit of "four wheel driving".

Perhaps this is more his size.

When we finally persuaded him to return to the dry and it was time for birthday cake.

Looking forward to our next visit from the little chap!


  1. The farm is a perfect place for a little boy that age---and beyond! My five year old grandson would be in heaven there!

  2. such a cutie and lovely seeing him with your daughter - the farm will be such a great adventure for him to explore. have a great week

  3. What fun seeing what's interesting from a little person's point of week. Happy week ahead.

  4. Looks as if he had a fine ole time, lucky little man!

  5. A set of photos to do a body good, as my Grandma would have said! How cheery they are, he looks as if he is having a whale of a time. And thank you :)

  6. what a fantastic place for him to visit, every child's dream.

  7. Outdoor adventure, a spot of driving practice and lovely cake - what more could a little boy ask for? Glad that you had such a good day xx