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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Take Three Thursday : Towers

Today to join in with Mary Lou 's meme Take Three Thursday I am taking you back to Prague. The skyline of Prague depicts a mix of many styles and there are many towers and turrets. There is a tendency when walking through the city to continually be looking up. Not the best idea when a lot of the cobbled streets and pavements are quite uneven!
I have chosen 3 towers with something in common. Something I might add that I didn't always realise when I took the pictures. This common item is people. 
St Vitus Catherdral Bell Tower can be seen from all over the city. The cathedral is on the top of the hill inside the castle. Started in the 14th Century and finished in the 16th and 18th Century it contains the biggest bell in the Czech Republic. It is possible to climb this tower for panoramic views of the city and if you look carefully you can see someone peeping out.

The Old Town Hall Tower is in the centre of the old city and also houses the Medieval Astronomical Clock (not visible in this picture). The tower was built in 1338 and it is possible to climb this tower too or even take a lift! There are indeed people visible at the top of this one too.

The last tower I am showing only shows a part of the Old Town Bridge Tower which is on the old city side of Charles Bridge. This detail is on the bridge side. It also was built in the 14th Century. I did spot this person at the window and have no idea what he is doing. Perhaps he is from one of th many stag parties in Prague although I might add we didn't encounter any bother from any of them. There are more people visible further up.

We did not climb any of these towers although I am beginning to wish we had. However we were pretty footsore from walking about 10 miles a day so perhaps it's just as well we didn't!


  1. fabulous trio - love the differences in style

  2. Amazing towers - such a well built tower in 1338 & here's us with 2017 technology & our roads fall apart every winter; I will say no more.

    Prague is famous for stag parties; who knew (not me).

  3. Prague looks beautiful in your photos. We only passed through the city when I took the children to stay with a uni friend. We did climb the Black Tower in Ceske Budejovice though which had wonderful views.

  4. Prague is definitely on my bucket list now and, since you now know it well and yet still perhaps would like to see more, I could maybe hire you as my guide and companion??