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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Final Choice.

The time has come to show the final choices for Eileen's Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt. It has been great fun taking and choosing the photos. It has been equally good fun looking at everyone else's choices.
So here goes with the final line up. 
1. Layers.
The remarkable layered rocks on the west coast of South Island New Zealand known as Pancake Rocks.

2. Raindrops 
We all see plenty of these!

3. Key. 
A typewriter on the window sill of a bar in Prague where we stopped for a late afternoon beer. Can you spot anything a bit different about these keys?

4. A signpost with an image of an animal.
I couldn't choose a favourite! All found in New Zealand.

5. Fur
It has to be this figure of the faithful and hard working collie at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. A monument to the invaluable part these dogs play in sheep farming in the Mackenzie region.

Or feather.
Again in New Zealand. The only penguin we saw at Curio Bay.

6. River
The amazing Huka Falls on the Waikato River, North Island New Zealand. 

Or Canal
The first stretch on the Certovka canal as it branches off from the River Vitava in Prague.

7. Glassware 
Some Bohemian glass in a shop window in Prague. The glassware looked particularly enticing by night when the windows were lit up.

8. A seasonal treat.
Christmas seems a long time ago but this festive stall had all sorts of festive treats on offer in the Southgate Shopping Centre in Bath. 

9. Diamond 
A diamond shape incorporated into a window in the entrance to Chew Stoke Chapel. I spotted this when packing away after this month's lunch club for senior citizens.

10. Winter weather.
This sign comes out each year when we have potatoes for sale from September to March/ April. Any hint of snow will bring the customers flooding in to stock up with a large bag to keep them going in case the weather gets worse.

11. A photo taken outside at night.
This fairy tale picture of Tyn Church is from The Old Town Square in Prague. It was our view while sat eating our supper outside.

12. A market
We came across this in Tekapo, New Zealand. It is the loading ramps of an outdoor sheep market. We were not sure whether it is still used but we could imagine the thousands of sheep being transported here and held in pens ready to be auctioned.

Or market stall
Some tasty colourful snacks for sale at a stall by the river in Prague.

13. Cogs
The intricate workings of a pocket watch.

Or gears.
This shows the two gear sticks on the classy little four wheel drive which is used as a work horse around the farm. 

14. Repetition 
A large number of flip flops as part of a Sculpture at the Headland Sculpture on the Gulf on Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

15. Hands
Touching the plaque of St John of Nepomuk on Charles Bridge, Prague. It is said that it will bring you back to Prague again.

16. A memory of your childhood.
Our beloved childhood rocking horse. Ridden and adored by many children.

17. A church with a tower or spire.

The cathedral of Saint Vitus has two spires and a tower. Only one spire is visible in this view taken from the busy courtyard of Prague Castle.

18. Tools 
My choice for this is a little obscure. This is the Statue of Justice on the roof of the Guildhall, Bath. She holds in her hands the 'tools' of justice. A sword representing the power and strength of justice and the scales to represent the balance and fairness.

19. Bird table 
Made by my daughter.

Or bird feeder.
I love this home made feeder hung in a tree in Petrin Park, Prague

20. Cold

A glacial cave at the terminal end of Fox Glacie, New Zealand. Imagine the temperature of that melting water.

21. Hygge
An impromptu gathering in Old Town Square, Prague to watch the bubbles. A feeling of community and well being is seen in the watching crowd.

A. Pine cone.
One of the many by Lake Tekapo.

B. Shadow.
It has been suggested that this is Mary Poppins. I'm afraid it's just me!

C. Angel
I have shown these angels climbing Jacobs Ladder on the front of Bath Abbey before. This one appears to be a bit of a fallen angel.

So that's it! All over for another year. Many thanks to Eileen for hosting this and I look forward to popping over to see everyone else's finds.


  1. All excellent choices for your final selections. Now we prepare for SPSH :)

    1. Do you think it will be on this year? Rinda doesn't seem very active on her blog although she does a lot on Instagram.

    2. I think Mary-Lou is privy to some insider knowledge - she has alluded to a summer hunt a few times now..!

  2. Well done Maggie! Your trips have made your selection unique - still jealous of your animal signs - and I like that you have gone to the bother of explaining each one. As to the typewriter, the "Y" and the "Z" seem to be swapped but I wonder if the unusual thing you meant was finding a European typewriter with the "QWERT" layout rather than "AVERT"? Love the double gears and the homemade bird feeder!

    1. Thank you. The gear stick was definitely a last minute thing because I had divided up the other either/ors. It was the y and z I noticed possibly because the z is more dominant in the language?

    2. I didn't realise the European keyboard was different but I have never learnt any keyboard skills!

    3. I think I may have found the answer. Perhaps left from Occupation days?

    4. That's an interesting read. I wondered after I wrote my comment whether I'd got my facts straight - should have realised that was German. And I also got the other thing wrong - it's "AZERTY", Z not V. An unhappy acquaintance when I worked in Belgium, although in fairness my typing is atrocious regardless of the equipment available! :o) You may have come across this while reading up this morning but in case of interest:

  3. Great selection and it must have taken a while to choose for many of the categories from all your options!

  4. What a fine collection. And a story behind every one. I do like that fallen angel :)