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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Childhood Memories

One of the photo choices that Eileen has in her Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt is No. 16 A memory of your childhood. I gave this some thought and have a photo ready to put in my final choices next Tuesday but on the way I did get a little distracted.
I had a peep in our old dolls house, well technically speaking I should say my sister's dolls house. My brother was at my side when I opened up and it was evident that he too was very familiar from years gone by with the contents.
So what did I find? A little world that has hardly changed in the last 50 plus years with just a few additions and some signs of wear and tear. Life in the kitchen continued with the addition of a giant maid washing up but I see that dad is having a little snooze by the stove. What kind of disaster has happened on the floor though? Someone seems to be laid out under the ironing board.

Meanwhile there is another giant laid out on the sofa while a slightly drunk pianist plays away on the piano.

Upstairs all seems quiet and orderly in the day nursery. A particularly tasty meal is ready on the table.

Next door Grandma is having a quick nap in what appears to be the night nursery.

You can imagine the hours spent playing with an rearranging the contents. We can't of course forget the bathroom which once the doors were opened always seemed suspended in mid air.

A two toilet bathroom is certainly an interesting concept!


  1. There are definitely some new additions there - second toilet; high chair.. but also some old favourites..💕

  2. I love this! I'm a big dolls house fan and I still have the one my Grandpa made for my Mum when she was a little girl. I'm delighted to see excellent toilet provision as it always used to bother me when I saw dolls houses with two upstairs bedrooms and no bathroom