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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Making those Final Choices

The Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt that Eileen has kindly hosted comes to an end next week and it will be time to make my final choices. I am still deliberating some and have still been collecting more possibilities. My walk around Bath between watching the Bath Half gave me the opportunity to search out some more.
No. 6 A River or Canal
When I cross North Parade Bridge in Bath I can't resist pointing my camera of one of the most classic views of the River Avon looking upstream to the weir and the famous Pultney Bridge which has a row of shops actually built on either side.

No. 7 Glassware 
Situated in the Abbeychurch Yard is Bath Aqua Glass Shop. It is possible at times to watch and even participate in glass blowing here. They always have a wonderful display of their glassware including their Aqua glass displayed in the window and promoting the next commercial opportunity.

Then outside are a sample of tempting baubles.

Which one would you choose?

No. 9 Diamond 
I don't seem to be doing too well on this one. The best I have is a couple of different diamond shapes.

I might keep trying on that one!


  1. Nice diamond photos. I like all those witching balls but I think the purple would be a favourite.

  2. I too had thought about a diamond shape but w/o much luck so far. Love your bottom one - don't think any improvement is required!

  3. We've seen glass balls like that in our travels in several different places. Just yesterday we saw some lovely ones at the Folk Art Center outside Asheville, N.C. Diamonds did seem to be one of the harder items this time around. I finally got one of a friend's diamond which is big enough to make a statement. Hope to find the last item on my list tomorrow and get them posted!

  4. Pulteney Bridge with the daffodils on the bank looks great. Bath Aqua Glass - lovely colours. As for the diamond, I like the window diamonds. I can send you a pic of the Hope Diamond but not sure we actually visited it when you were here..