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Friday, 31 March 2017

Getting Busy

Lambing is now well underway with most of the pens full. They stay in the individual pens until feeding is established and they are ready to join a group.

Wednesday night was particularly busy with a rush of lambs born between 2 and 4 am. So yesterday morning I went out with older daughter to help her get sorted out.
While we were bottle feeding lambs and feeding the ewes about 4 or 5 more ewes had their lambs. Amongst these was one ewe that had triplets and one who had just a single. Triplets are always a lot for one ewe so one was taken away immediately and given to the ewe with one. It is important that the ewe thinks it is her own so the secretions from her are rapidly wiped onto the foster lamb. An empty bucket has been used to do this. 

Once the mother had met them they were taken out for her to clean as normal. Hopefully she will accept it as her own.
No doubt the next few days and nights will be equally busy with more lambs appearing.


  1. Lovely photos - obviously busy times for you all.

  2. I'm sure it's exciting, though I expect you miss out on quite a lot of sleep

  3. That last photo of the lamb is so sweet. In the first photo of Mum with her new babies, Mum has such a look of contentment, "I did this, I made these two"

  4. I too love the last photo. Very cuddlable lambs!