Monday 13 March 2017

Memos, Me, Mail and Monday: My Spectator Role

Good Morning to all on this Monday morning and a big wave to Sian who is the creator of the Monday meme. What has slipped into my postbox this week? Probably the only item of any significance is a magazine reminding me what I should be getting on with in the garden. I have had one afternoon tidying up but there is plenty more to be done out there.
What have I done this weekend? Well on Sunday I became a race spectator again. Older daughter took part in the Bath Half yesterday. She was raising money for the charity Send a Cow, a good choice for a farmer daughter.

I was chief chauffeur and spectator. I always quite enjoy the race atmosphere, watching all the runners and wandering around the city with no traffic. My first stop gave me a great backdrop of St Mary's Church, Bathwick as the first runners approached giving a possibility for the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt no. 17 A church with a tower or spire.

I managed to miss seeing her here so I moved onto another location where I was more successful and managed to spot her on both loops. There was plenty of entertainment while I waited. Some lively youngsters, I would think probably students, entertained and cheered from their lofty viewpoint. A saucepan and spoon providing suitable encouragement.

Further along an open top bus provided another great platform for supporters.

There was as always the usual array of costumes. Would you want to run in one of these?

Local businesses seemed to be entering into the spirit as can be seen by the menu board at this rather quirky coffee bar.

Older daughter completed with a time of one minute less than last time and has raised a good amount of money for her charity. 

I think she deserved every mouthful of this pud at our lunch out after. Don't you?


  1. Well done her - and well done you with capturing a little of the atmosphere. Looks like fun! On a related note, my friend got married in that church (and my little friend Amelia was christened there!)

  2. that pudding indeed looks yum - well deserved. Support team sounds like my kind of activity. have a great week

  3. A group of my friends were running to raise funds for the Wessex MS Therapy Centre, so I scoured your photos to see if I could see any of them, but sadly not. Well done to your daughter, I'll bet it was a great atmosphere.

  4. Yeah & cheers to your daughter for beating her time. No I would not run in a costume of any type but then again I wouldn't be running (lol). Happy week ahead.

  5. Well done to your daughter on completing the Bath half, a very worthy charity my son supported them with a sponsored hair shave when he was at Uni. I haven't been blogging for a while but I have enjoyed seeing all your photos from your trips to NZ and Prague, both are places I would love to visit.

  6. She did well and looking at the locations where you took your photos you must have clocked up a few steps too!

  7. I admire anyone who can run, so although I'm a little late, I hope she can still hear me cheering from here