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Saturday, 25 March 2017

The First

Part of being a farmer is being prepared to change plans at short notice. Older daughter was planning to go out last night. Her last job before finishing for the day was to check the sheep. They are getting close to lambing but are still out in the field. She came dashing in to say one was lambing and that she would need to go back before her night out.
So after getting changed for the evening it was back into her overalls and back down the field. I went with her as it was dark by now. Luckily the lamb was born so ewe and lamb were brought back to the farm.

Every year it is a little bit of excitement when the first lamb is born. She has had a healthy looking single.

So the cycle of life begins again.


  1. Glad she got a healthy lamb and her night out. This tale reminds me of those scenes in "All Creatures Great and Small" where you'd see the vets in full evening wear, up to their armpits in some class of muck!

  2. ah so sweet, precious lamb & yes circle of life; job done & night out accomplished :)