Saturday, 11 March 2017

Back to School

One of the two universities in Bath is Bath Spa university which has recently celebrated its 70th year anniversary as an educational institution. It started as a teaching training college for young ladies and was called Newton Park. My mum was one of the very early students to attend Newton Park when she started there in 1949.
On Thursday evening mum and I attended a book launch for a book to commemorate the anniversary. 

"Back to School" is a combination of a history of the college and a series of memories collected from students through the decades. It was a pleasure to hear mum's contribution read out during the launch.

It was interesting to hear how student life has changed over this period although student's aspirations are much the same. Since mum started her student life in 1949 both of her daughter's have experienced student and life and in more recent years two of her granddaughters have had/ are having probably quite a different experience in today's universities.

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  1. It's great that you and Mum were able to be there for this launch and that her memories were included.