Sunday, 19 March 2017

Church Spires

The city of Bath is well known for it's beautiful architecture. It has a number of church spires which tower above the buildings. Last Sunday as I followed some of the Bath half marathon route I had good views of a couple of these churches.
Widcombe church is on the edge of the main part of the city but can be seen from quite a distance. This view is taken with a zoom lens from North Parade Bridge. Visible in the background is Prior Park which was the home of Ralph Allen in the 18th Century. It is now a School and it's landscaped grounds belong to the National Trust.

Another church which is visible on the same road is St John's Church.

Situated close to the river this church spire is a popular nesting place for peregrines.

The church is situated in South Parade and last Sunday the cherry tree outside was in full bloom.


  1. Wonderful views of the church spires. Cherry Blossoms! We had more snow today!

  2. These are very elegant. Thanks to the hunt, I have been paying special attention to spires of late. One of the nicest ones I saw, I had no chance to photograph, sadly.