Tuesday 1 September 2020

SPSH Link Up

 I didn’t think I had any more photos for the latest link up for the Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt but I have been out and about with my camera this afternoon and found a few options.

No. 2 Something with or in a knot.

Nearly the whole farm is held together with pieces of bailer twine or rope but here are a few I found this afternoon.

However I think this is my favourite. One of the girls had hung her hay net out to drain after she had soaked it before she put it in her stable.

No. 4 A toy you play with.
There is only one choice for this. My beloved camera. Now over 10 years old but still my faithful companion hanging round my neck bouncing on my chest.

No. 5. Something I have more than one of.
Sunflower seeds on the flower head ready to hang up and dry for the birds to feed on.

No. 6 Something in the shape of a triangle.
This was staring me in the face. The sign on our gate at the top of the drive. Beware of the dog!

No.9. Something that starts with the initial of your name.
Choosing my first name this time. This flower is called Malope.

No. 10. Something smaller than a paper clip. 
Well my paper clips are quite big. These naughty little wasps are everywhere.

No. 11. Something that you need to throw away.
It could be time for a new dog lead.

No. 20 Something with the number 7 in it. 
You are really going to have to look for this one and maybe stand on your head.

Well I found quite a few in the end!


  1. Thanks Maggie for joining in. Ah yes the usefulness of binder twine. Good to see that I am not alone with Pentax cameras!

    1. I love my Pentax but it is beginning to have a few issues

  2. I agree with you about the knot - although I also really like the one bottom left of the collage. The warning sign might be the most original triangle entry I have seen so far!

    As for the 7 - I have drawn a blank so far. I zoomed in AND turned the photo upside down so surely a point for effort? ;o) I found another triangle but the only 7 I can sort-of see is the tyre tread, which you could argue looks like lots of 7s from this angle...? Am I being dim?

    As for cooking pears (and I promise to stop asking silly questions about relishes and produce after this), I went to pick some last night but they didn't pull off the tree easily. Is this normal or should I wait a few more weeks?

    1. No you are not being dim. It’s on the tyre as is partly hidden by the straw and is upside down.... I will try harder next time
      I would possibly pick the pears and ripen them somewhere cool

    2. Thank you. I brought home a couple that I managed to pick and will monitor them. No chance to go back this weekend, but maybe next.

      I see the 7s now! Upside down on both wheels! :0)

  3. When Mary-Lou posted her link-up, I realized I hadn't looked at the list in quite some time. I just have four items left on the main list and two of the alternates. I think I'll be able to find them before the end of the month. I've never seen a Malope before; they are lovely. Like Ella, I'm still having some trouble with the tractor and #7.

    1. See comment above about 7!. Malope was suggested by Sutton seeds as an alternative to the annual lavateria ( mallow).. I have been growing them now for a few years.

  4. I am glad I wasn't the only one struggling to find the 7! I especially love all your choices of knot.