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Friday, 7 April 2017

5 in 5 : A Wander Outside

The month of March seems to have flown by. It seems no time at all since I last joined Sandie in her 5 in 5. The idea is that on the 5th of the month, I am actually two days late joining in, you set your timer for 5 minutes and snap away with your camera. The tricky bit is then choosing 5.
So this month I have stepped outside my front door and set the timer.
1. This double pink cherry blossom is in the yard and visible from my kitchen window.

2. Around the corner this Flowering Currant is one that I have grown from a cutting and was planted out last year.

3. The farmer was given this Medlar tree for his 50th birthday. It has had a good number of years to grow!

4. The red tulips at the top of the drive reappear each year amongst the daffodils.

5. Then I made it up to the shed to the pet lambs just before my timer went!


  1. Everything here would be very wet, gray, and brown. Well, actually there are two tiny purple crocus in the front yard and the Helleborus are in bloom, but their heads are all pointed down. I'm hoping something worthy of 5 in 5 will show up soon. Your beautiful blossoms give me hope!

  2. Love the cherry and the tulip. Now there's a red! I should think the dark pink trees near me will be out very soon - thanks for the reminder to check!

  3. Your Five in Five are certainly pretty than mine! The cherry blossom photo is excellent close up work but ah those little lamb faces win every time.

  4. A beautiful breath of fresh country air

  5. So much colour! Beautiful Maggie, a real touch of Spring and sunshine. Thank you for joining in this month and brightening my day.

  6. Quite a collection in five minutes!