Saturday, 8 April 2017

Field Work

The work to get the ground ready for planting the potatoes has started. I walked out with Monty to take the Farmer a cup of tea.

The hedgerows are now beginning to burst with fresh leaves and flowers. Some out of place ones too.

Some more expected.

The blackthorn is in flower.

The leaves are unfurling.

Preparing for seed potatoes is a lengthy process.

The ploughing and harrowing is done and now they are bed forming.

With a bit of a wiggle!

He was pleased to stop in the sunshine for a cuppa.

Then Monty and I enjoyed the sunshine for a bit longer.


  1. I love this! Great pics. Like the pet selfie :o)
    Very pleased you identified that as blackthorn. I saw loads at the weekend (including some blossom with old sloes still attached) and next day (in another location) Dad questioned whether it was blackthorn, pointing out there were no thorns. Do some plants have thorns and others not? And - supplementary question! - do you know if my little icon is blackthorn or hawthorn? Have you ever made hawthorn jam?
    I'm going now!

    1. I have now educated myself, courtesy of the Woodland Trust!

    2. I am never sure. The farmer told me it was blackthorn but he could be wrong

  2. Lovely light in these photos xx

  3. A lovely walk out & how rewarding to share a cup of tea in the sunshine. I agree with Lady Ella, excellent selfie.

  4. looks a beautiful day and I love the two portraits with Monty

  5. I can feel your sunshine coming off these photos. It hasn't been quite so nice here so these are a pleasure to look at.