Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Blossom Galore

This is a glorious time of year as so many of the trees spring into blossom. Everywhere you look the pinks and whites are emerging. We have been lucky up till now that the weather has been settled and calm.
Some early fruit trees are out. Our greengage tree is in flower. Each year it has quite a lot of blossom but rarely has any fruit. Each year the farmer hovers under it threatening it with the chain saw. Needless to say I am on the side of the greengage tree and for ever live in hope.

There is a pear tree in my mum's garden that has been there since before our house was built (50 years plus) and its age is evident by it's gnarled branches. Luckily nobody has threatened it with a similar warning as the greengage so it still stands and produces fruit.

Then there are the ornamental cherry trees. The double pink weeping cherry outside my kitchen window.

The flowers are rather like Pom poms! 

Then in my mum's garden mum has this amazing canopy from one tree.

It has delicately tinted very pale pink flowers.

Peeping out from the canopy of this tree is a lighter Wild Cherry.

A more delicate tree.

Which is your favourite?


  1. Ummmm...! I love them all, and I love seeing them everywhere! Lovely pics. I used to swoon at the dark pink double cherry till I went to Japan, where it is the white/pale pink single blossom that is so coveted. Since then I have developed an appreciation for it too - but it feels mean to pick! Our pear tree outside work has had quite a lot of blossom this year - last year hardly any fruit - so I have high hopes. Do you do any preserving with the pears and if so, what? I think alone they are not ideal - too little pectin?

    1. You can bottle them, make chutney. I don't! I sometimes poach them and have a popular recipe for chocolate pear crumble.!

  2. Beautiful, each & everyone of them.

  3. all beautiful - I think the canopy is my favourite but I'm with you on the need to keep the greengage too

  4. All gorgeous! Looking at cherry trees always takes me back to the day we moved house when I was eight and the new house had a row of cherry blossoms in bloom right outside.

  5. We no longer have any flowering trees in our yard so I am very envious. They are all so beautiful I couldn't pick just one favorite!

  6. Beautiful blossom, I love Mum's spreading cherry tree but all blossom is beautiful.