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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Specimens of Flowers

My visit to The University of Bristol Botanic gardens on Monday gave me quite a few photo opportunities. Today I am going to show you some of the flowers that were in bloom. The way we approached the garden after visiting the glasshouses was through this enticing arch.

The beautiful pink magnolia is one of the first flowers you encounter.

Pink indeed seemed to be the prevalent colour or maybe just the ones I chose to capture including a peony.

These delicate tulips.

And anemones.

Being botanic gardens all the plants are very carefully labelled with their Latin names. These however I didn't note the name of.

It was only when I was showing the pictures to my mum that I realised I had a picture of pasqueflowers.

These are something I had never heard of until I read Lady Ella's account of visiting a location covered in wild pasqueflowers. A fascinating and picturesque account which you can read about here. Both my mum and I learnt something reading this and I will be searching out one of these locations myself before too long.


  1. What a coincidence! :o) Do hope you do get to visit some wild ones soon. (Is Barnsley Warren reachable for you?)
    Great magnolia pic!

    1. The Gloucestershire one would be the closest but still a little way.

  2. Although all the flowers photos are gorgeous, my favorite is that beautiful arch. I, too, learned a lot from Lady Ella's post, and I'm glad to see the pasqueflowers here, as they did look familiar to me. I'll be hunting them down now at any botanical garden I visit.

  3. Lovely walk through the gardens. I am with Karen, my favourite is the photo of the arch (this in spite of pink flowers, which are perfect).