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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

A Symbol of New Life

This year we have made a bit of an Easter tree. The farmer found us some branches. Younger daughter decorated some eggs and I got out my little purchases from Prague.

I had bought three little decorations from a little shop in Golden Lane at Prague Castle.

Some decorated chicks and an egg.

I little reminder each year of my trip.
Oh and did I say? It is 3 years ago today since I started this blog. The time seems to have flown. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my post and for encouraging me to carry on.


  1. Happy blogging anniversary! And congratulations on the amazing feat of carrying on for three years ... DAILY!
    The Easter tree is lovely. I'm coveting the painted chicks! We have some similar decorations, painted wooden eggs, which came from Germany. Dad always takes pride in cutting a bit of forsythia, ribes etc and putting them in a big vase with a few small chicks and creme eggs underneath. Sadly this year he couldn't do it as all the blossom had already gone over. (Mum still gave me Caramel eggs tho!)

  2. Your egg and chicks are lovely! And congrats on the blog anniversary!

  3. beautiful pieces from Prague - we always had branches like that hung with painted eggs when we were growing up. How time flies - hard to believe it has been 3 years

  4. Happy blog anniversary!

    Your tree is especially lovely because it has space for your souvenirs and of course your memories.

  5. Happy Blogging Anniversary. Easter trees seem to be 'springing' up in many homes - yours is certainly a lovely reminder of your travels.

  6. Three years! You have all the material for your 'Farmers wife through the year' book now...