Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Inside the Hothouses

It is becoming quite a tradition that I visit the sculpture exhibition at Bristol Botanical Gardens on Easter Monday. This is the fourth time I have been and is a bit of "me" time after a busy weekend.  Each year there is something different to see and because the date of Easter changes the gardens vary every year.
Today I have chosen to show a few of my horticultural finds in the glasshouses. The hothouses vary in temperature and humidity from temperate to tropical. These extraordinary flowers are in the first house which is the coolest and classified as the Warm Temperate House.

The Latin name on the label meant little to me. There were also these extraordinary flowers.

In the tropical house is a large pond with quite a selection of leaves. Later in the year there are Lotus flowers to be seen.

There was just the occasional lily.


  1. There are some very exotic and unusual flowers there!

  2. You have made me wish even harder that the Tropical Ravine here would hurry up and re open!