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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Art in the Garden

One of the Artists at the Art Exhibition at The University of Bristol Botanic Gardens was Christine Baxter who has a studio at Court Robert in Raglan, South Wales. Her sculptures certainly caught the eye but also blended quite naturally into the surrounding garden background.

Some such as these are made of bronze resin.

Others are cast stone.

I was particularly taken with the iron resin hare.

And would happily find a new home for the cat.

The only ones that were within my price range were the animal shapes.

I earmarked the hedgehog as an ideal present for a friend who loves garden decorations. 

Foolishly I left it to the end to buy one so that I would not have to carry it. Unfortunately when I returned someone had bought all three!


  1. Wonderful art & I really like all the ladies raising their faces to the wind. Yes to the hare & cat also.

  2. I really like the top one. Actually the top three. Bad luck about the hedgehog; what a pity.

  3. Aw no! I think the hare is my favourite of the bigger ones too

  4. Love the cat and hare - but all are lovely in their garden niches!