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Monday, 3 April 2017

Memos, Mail, Me and Monday

Morning all and a big wave to Sian and the Monday bloggers. So what has happened this weekend? Any mail? Well last week my order from M &S arrived which means we will all be snug in bed. A new duvet for older daughter and some comfy pillows for the farmer and myself. So much easier to have all this delivered than carry it home!

Well there are no prizes for guessing what has dominated most of our weekend. The lambs are steadily coming. The vet cousin has been back to help and the student daughter was in and out making sure she had time for a "lamb fix".

There are quite a few pet lambs now. They have been introduced to the shepherdess feeder which is a kind of warm bucket with teats so the lambs can help themselves to milk ad lib. There are a lot of advantages to this system. It's a great time saver rather than all those bottles. It is more natural because the lambs don't fill up all in one go but can have a little and often. The lambs don't get so attached to us humans. It does however  take a bit of getting used to. 

They soon get the hang of it.

Then it's time for a communal sleep. They don't need snug duvets and pillows.

Meanwhile there are lots of ewes still waiting .

There's also plenty of contented lambs who will soon be off outside.

I hope everyone  has a great week. I'm anticipating that my lamb duties will lessen once the cousin vet is on holiday from tomorrow and the student daughter get home for her holiday on Friday so a chance to get some other jobs done.


  1. so many sweet lambs - that feeder is such a great idea and so simple - must save a lot of work. I have become a total convert to duck down bedding. have a great week

  2. Ah lovely little lambkins ... such a marvel that shepherdess feeder. Happy week ahead.

  3. What a lovely post. Home delivery of all kinds!

    Wishing you a great week full of new arrivals.

  4. those lambs are so lovely, must be a lot of hard work too!

  5. The lambs are so sweet. I do find the technology for farming fascinating. I grew up in farm country (though we lived in town), and remember the long hours a farmer works. I imagine yours are not much shorter, but hopefully, a bit easier.