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Friday, 28 April 2017

A Photo a Week Challenge: Black and White

Nancy Merrill's photo challenge this week is Black and White. I sometimes like to edit some of my animal pictures to black and white. I find it can enhance the concentration on the subject matter.

It can also disguise a scruffy background. This next photo had messy stable walls that distracted from the subject.

Equally when taking new born lambs not everyone wants to see the blood and gore. Black and white quickly obliterates the mess and makes the lamb more appealing. This lamb was not newborn but looked mucky. He is incidentally our only black lamb!


  1. I love the last one - has he been named?

  2. I really like the middle one, with them all looking into the centre of the photo.

  3. Lovely black and white images.

  4. All great photos. I know what you mean about distracting backgrounds & that black & white reduce the nonesense.