Thursday, 6 April 2017

Take Three Thursday: Spring Flowers

I join Mary Lou on a Thursday with her new meme Take Three Thursday where you post three photographs of the same theme. This week I have chosen Spring flowers which are literally springing up everywhere with the sunny weather we are having.
The tulips in my garden are not brilliant this year. I need to remember to redo the bulbs in my tubs this Autumn. These tulips are however giving a splash of colour.

Grape hyacinths are not to everyone's taste. My niece does not like them at all. I personally really like them and I am pleased to see them multiplying in one flower bed that is quite troublesome to get things to grow. 

My mum's garden is a real splash of Spring colour at the moment. I shall be showing more over the next few days but this shows a primrose in her lawn where the primroses and violets have naturalised.

I am looking forward to seeing what other people choose to share for this meme.


  1. lovely spring blooms - I love grape hyacinth and my garden is a sea of blue at the moment. I love the sound of your mum's lawn with naturalised flowers

  2. Thanks for joining in. Such pretty spring flowers. I find that tulips get exhausted after a few years & I was told to dig up after spring flowering, trim back & then replant in the Autumn with lots of bone meal. Haven't tried that yet. I like grape hyacinth especially since they multiply quickly & that on mass look is quite nice. We get the violets but not primrose growing naturalized.

  3. Tulips are my personal favourites out of these three

  4. Nice sunny pics! My tulips aren't quite out yet. Those are a lovely orange. [Blasted] grape hyacinths are everywhere. ;o) I dug a load up and binned last year but they have spread to next door. Ironically in her garden they look good and now I'm thinking in clumps they aren't too bad. Polyanthus etc. seem to be having a great year. I'm enjoying mine a lot.